A downloadable game for Windows

Based on the novel by H.G. Wells. How long can you survive a hostile takeover from Mars?  No longer working on this project.  The scope of the project got out of control & getting the time to work on this project is just not as feasible as it was when I first started developing the game. 


WSAD : Move

Mouse : Look

Right Mouse : Zoom in

MouseClick : Interact with physical items

Q/E : Lean

E : Get on/off horseback

P: Pause 


wotw 0.5 (FIX).zip 94 MB

Development log


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thist is good

this game is dead, don't ask for updates


how do i play older versions

oh it is tysm thats sad that its tripod project cause it has a error code and wont run the application anyway tysm

Can someone give me a link to a download file for the rework of wotws multi-player the rework that actually includes the multi-player plss

i think this is it https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-UAGFuCYSfiZ7Bc_n9SfBibVf5BO2nlm?usp=sha...

are u sure that is not a virus?

how do you play it


Even though it's canceled and nowhere near a finished state, it's still pretty enjoyable! Had fun running around trying to avoid the tripods while also still trying to observe them.


hey devito is the game Canceled?

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You should try to find someone to hand the project off to imo, there are just so many people that were hyped for this game. I'm sure you could just make a post and you'd get plenty of people with more free time that want to see this game get made.

Like, I'm sure there's someone that could take what you've already put together and finish it into something great.

update the game update update update update update PLS

the game is cancelled so no updates i think the game is broken.

no he stopped working on it because he didn't have the time to work on it

then i should play the old version war of the worlds.

anybody asking for updates... well the game is cancelled so no updates

btw when there is no update you can download some old version war of the worlds you can scroll down.

when the martians start using tentacles thats a harvesting and grab humans. and put in the cylinder and there is a handling machine in the cylinder.

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i hope he will update the game soon :)

i think gelato is gonna rework the game?




and i cant see the tripods can grab humans.

why the game wont update?

Hey Gel. I would LOVE to see more performance options, i think the littlest chnage would be the option to remove grass, especially when it moves ugh it makes my PC turn into C4.

the game is good but when the martians start using the teancles?

they start using there teancles on day 4 or 5 

I think that on day 3 in the 0.5 version and on day 4 in the older ones. In the older ones you can edit in the save file the day on which Tripods start their hunting mode if you want them to use them sooner.

oh ty for telling me because I just like them using there later

In the multiplayer build, how do you use the guns

you can fire but i don't know if it do anything

can anyone tell me what v0.5 have?


like just a new map and some new tripod desinses and when tripods are near it playes a siren like a tornado siren

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multiplayer was deleted ages ago


i mean u can get it still but it dose not have the rework witch means you can only play solo play because the rework has multiplayer avalible

is multiplayer unusable now?

the game is cancelled

like how cancelled like not updating anymore or not downloadable because i can download it 

please add the ability to play as a tripod in a future update plz i love destroying things if you add it it will make it very fun and i would love the game more and if you do add this plzz make it be in singel player plzz ima follow you right now tho cause i love your game oh yeah can you also  add the ability to download all vershions cause i wanna play some other vershions myself thanks :)))))


you should give his project to somebody else who will actually continue it


the game had a lot of potential, its sad its been canceled

it's still downloadable

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yeah it is still downloaded i got  it like  5days ago the only problem for me  is after day 10 it gets laggey and the tripods start flying in the air litterly and the black smoke is everywhere 

maybe its the flying machines because they don't have a heat ray

oh yeah they dont

pls new gamea war of the gamea belike

i know, i have every build on my computer

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me too apart from the 2020 multiplayer rework  witch you can acherly play because the non rework is gliched and just has solo play


yea it's probably broken.

I can still play it tho, but anyone else trying to get the game now will probably get a broken version


I think the game is broken now its cancelled


no! i just played it a few mins ago why dose it keep teeling me to extract the files and i do but it dose nothing help me please!


How unfortunate


love your game wow thank you so good


just redownloaded because i thought there might be new updates but it keeps saying i need to extract files then i extract the files and it tells me to do it again

how do you use artillery I’ve seen people control the artillery and kill martians or was that a older build if it was a older build and he removed the ability of artillery how do you access older builds? I think the artillery control build is the multipleplayer build so can someone please link that?

If you scroll down through the comments, you find out somebody who posted a link to his collection of majority of the versions which were released. With the multiplayer one included.


never really thinked to say this but good job. im proud have a good life!


this game showed loads of promise. it is a shame that it's been cancelled but to be fair it would have taken a lot of time and effort to get this to where it could be releasable as a final build.  Perhaps someone else will develop something similar in the near future but until then I guess it's time to move on to other things. 


is it abandoned?


yep sounds like it


Does anyone have the link to the older version with the very large map and that had multiplayer on it?


Scroll down to Liokkwiwiejejwie's comment with the google drive link, the zip contains all past versions of the game.

yeah well it is missing the multiplayer rework it

and its missing build 0.5

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